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Root Canal Treatment at Jindalee Complete Dental

At Jindalee Complete Dental, we like to take a preventative approach to dentistry. Our team members will recommend the most conservative options possible to address your needs. We want to make sure that you receive exactly the care you need – no more, and no less.

In certain cases, you may feel concerned that you could lose a tooth. Rather than having it extracted, your tooth can be saved with a root canal treatment. Our gentle, experienced practitioners can perform this procedure comfortably and efficiently with our state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.

Illustration of inside of tooth

When a Root Canal Treatment Is Necessary

Your tooth is made up of different layers. In the very centre is the dental pulp, which is composed of blood vessels and nerves. If deep decay, trauma or a crack occurs, the pulp can get infected. The symptoms you might experience include:

  • Pain (though you may feel no discomfort at all)
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Swelling in the gum and cheek
  • Pain when chewing
  • A pimple on the gum near the tooth

During a root canal procedure, we address the pulp of the tooth where the infection has occurred. The infected material is cleaned away, then sealed off to minimise the chances of reinfection. The objective is to relieve any pain that you’re in while making sure that you won’t have to face extracting your tooth and affecting the aesthetics and function of your smile.

Our team provides comfortable solutions, so you’ll be numbed before beginning your root canal treatment. Many people think that there has to be pain involved and delay getting treatment. Please rest assured that there is no reason to fear, and root canal treatments boast an extremely high success rate the sooner they can be performed after you first experience symptoms.

There are two procedures necessary to complete a root canal treatment. At the first appointment, we’ll evaluate your tooth and determine the extent of the infection. The pulp of the tooth will be removed, and the root canal area will be cleaned out. We can apply a medication to eliminate any bacteria that are still present. Then, the area is sealed off so that it won’t be subject to infection again. You’ll receive a temporary crown on your tooth so that it has more stability.

When you return, we’ll have your custom-created crown ready for you, which is fabricated at our local laboratory. We’ll remove your temporary crown, then place the permanent one, which will be perfectly matched to the rest of your smile.

Don’t Put Off Your Care

If you may have an infection, it’s important to get the attention you need straightaway. Don’t wait and let the problem worsen. Contact us today to book a consultation for a root canal treatment Jindalee! We are open on Saturdays and have convenient late opening hours.

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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