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  • Welcome to Jindalee Complete Dental

    As experienced dentists, we focus on preventative and complete dentistry in a holistic manner. We stand behind the treatment that we offer and want to help you achieve a healthier, stronger and more beautiful smile.

    Meet the Dentists

  • We are holistically-minded oral health providers who focus on total body health behind the smile. You’re more than just a smile; your dental health is a reflection of your overall wellness.

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  • Having healthy, functional teeth is a foundation to a balanced lifestyle. Thanks to flexible scheduling options, you can schedule a checkup when it’s most convenient for your busy lifestyle.

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Complete Care for You and Your Family
and Friends at Jindalee Complete Dental

At Jindalee Complete Dental, you and your family will find that we're focused more on your total wellness and health than we are individual teeth. Jindalee dentist, Dr Jae Choi and team have a special holistic approach towards dental care offering an extensive, complete range of services. After careful examination and assessment, our dentists will tailor your treatment plan according to your need to improve your dental health and your general well-being.

Managing More Than Smiles

The shape and position of your teeth and jaws can affect everything from your sleep quality (including apnoea) to TMJ disorder. If you have crowded teeth or a cross bite, it may even bridge into underlying health problems or speech irregularities. By intercepting these concerns at an early age – primarily in young children – Dr Choi can help to reduce the risk of further health complications that are the secondary result of an imbalanced bite.

When you’re here for an exam, your teeth are actually
one of the last things that we look at!