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Orthodontics at Jindalee Complete Dental

At Jindalee Complete Dental, orthodontics is more than just straightening your teeth.

Traditionally dentists used to extract healthy teeth (usually 4 teeth) to create space to straighten your teeth when you had dental crowding. Hundreds of modern researches now show that most dental crowding cases are caused by underdeveloped upper and lower jaws and extractions can be prevented if diagnosed early enough. Underdevelopment of the jaw is caused by other health problems or habits which need to be addressed. Here are some of the causes, signs and symptoms:

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  • Poor Nasal Breathing (blocked nose/rhinitis)
  • Allergies
  • Chronic mouth breathing (habit develops)
  • Obstruction of the airway caused by inflammation of tonsils and/or adenoids
  • Incorrect Tongue Posture (not placing pressure on the palate when swallowing)
  • Thumbsucking
  • Paediatric Sleep Apnoea
    • Poor quality of sleep (morning tiredness/ struggling to wake up)
    • Daytime sleepiness with low level of concentration
    • Bed wetting
    • Dark circles under the eyes (venous pooling)

These health issues and habits can lead to underdevelopment and narrowing of the upper jaw, which traps the lower jaw from proper growth in forward and sideway directions which leads to dental crowding in both the upper and lower jaws. Flat and long facial profiles, forward body and head postures, retruded lower jaw and recurrent infection of throat and tonsils are few signs and symptoms we see very commonly in these patients.

Little girl holding dental xrayFortunately future underdevelopment of the jaws and dental crowding can be predicted and prevented as early as four years of age. Our ultimate aim of the treatment is to allow your child to thrive and become healthy so that we can help your child to naturally grow to the maximum growth potential for natural growth of teeth without crowding.


Young girl with glasses holding dental retainerBefore any treatment, we recommend a comprehensive orthopaedic and orthodontic assessment followed by consultation to discuss your child’s diagnosis and treatment options. With a correct diagnosis, underdevelopment can generally be addressed by gentle expansion of upper and lower jaws by removable orthopaedic appliances made in acrylic. It is also common for us to seek help from our allied health professions including ENT surgeons, osteopaths, physiotherapist, chiropractors or oral mycologist.


Little girl hugging grandmotherWhere compliance of the patient is a single most important aspect of the treatment towards successful outcome, we normally start the treatment at 7-8 years of age. However, if there is a dental crossbite, it should be started ASAP regardless of age, as the crossbite will only become worse to cause facial asymmetry. If you suspect any crossbite call us urgently to make an appointment.


* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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