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Cosmetic Dentistry at
Jindalee Complete Dental

Jindalee Complete Dental is your centre for modern dentistry in Jindalee. We utilise the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that your dental care is efficient and effective.

If you are interested in altering the way your smile looks, cosmetic dentistry offers you a broad range of options. No matter what your smile goals may be, we’ll work with your individual needs and wants to help you achieve them.

Commonly, our patients like to combine more than one off our cosmetic dentistry solutions, creating a personalised plan to reach their desired outcomes. We’ll be happy to work alongside you, partnering with you to make sure that you’re thrilled with your results.

Illustration of dental crownYour teeth can be damaged by trauma, an accident or may wear down with the passage of time. If a tooth is no longer viable on its own, a dental crown can give it greater stability. It is like a cap that goes over the tooth’s structure, making it stronger and more durable so that you can eat your favourite foods without worry. A dental bridge is made up of a row of crowns. The crowns on either end are anchored to the teeth around a gap where you’re missing a tooth. A fake tooth is then suspended into the open space, filling it and restoring your smile.

Illustration of teeth cleaningThere’s good reason that teeth whitening has become an increasingly popular procedure all around the world. It’s a simple, quick way to rejuvenate your entire appearance. With a brighter smile, you can feel more confident and leave a dazzling first impression on others. You can choose from two separate whitening procedures with us: a take-home kit that contains everything you’ll need to whiten your teeth over a period of weeks, or an in-chair appointment taking just an hour. It’s your choice how you’d like to whiten your teeth. We’ll be happy to meet with you, discuss what level of whitening you would like to achieve and give you our best recommendations on how to get there.

Illustration of dental veneerIf you have ever seen someone who showed off a perfectly aligned, luminous smile like a favourite celebrity, you might not know that veneers are their secret weapon.

You can transform your smile with porcelain veneers, which are a thin covering that goes over your existing teeth. They can cover discolouration, misalignments, misshapen teeth, chips and gaps. Your veneers are custom-created in our laboratory to ensure that you love your new smile.

Illustrated smileIf you or your child has tooth decay, you want to get a filling and not have it be noticed by others.

Our tooth-coloured fillings will blend in perfectly with the rest of your smile so that nobody knows it’s there.

They contain no mercury and require little of your existing tooth structure to be removed in order to apply them.

Experience Same-Day Dentistry

Don’t want to wait to improve your smile? Contact us today to book a consultation for cosmetic dentistry Jindalee!

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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